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How We Estimate Moving Costs:
If you are contacting us, chances are you will want to know how much our moving services cost. Over the phone or online, we can give you a general estimate on the moving cost. We can’t promise to stick to this estimate though because we don’t know how much stuff you have in your home or whether you have items which might take longer to move, such as pianos or pool tables. So, how do we give you a moving quote? We do it by coming to your home or business to perform an on-site estimate. This is the only reliable way to get a moving quote.

Preparing for the Moving Estimate:
Once you contact us, we will set up the moving estimate for a time which suits you. You can prepare for the moving estimate by making a quick inventory of specialty items (like chandeliers, furniture which needs to be taken out through windows, boats, etc.) and also any moving services you may need (such as packing, custom crating, vehicle shipping, etc.). Please also let us know your preferences for the date and time of the move as this can affect the cost.

The moving estimator will ask you some specific questions, such as what parking is available at the new location and how many steps there are. Don’t worry if you don’t know the answer to these questions. But, the more information you can give us, the more accurate the moving estimate will be.

During the moving estimate, the agent will have to do a walkthrough of your home. Please point out any items which you don’t plan on taking with you so they won’t be factored into the cost. Otherwise, the moving estimate may be higher than what the actual costs will be.

Our Moving Estimates Are Non-Binding
After the visit, you will get a moving estimate in writing. The estimate will outline all of the costs of the move, such as the hourly rate (for local moves) or per-pound rate (for long distance moves) and costs of additional moving services like packing or vehicle shipping. This moving estimate is NOT a contract. You are under no obligation to use our moving company, and you can change anything you want. For example, if the moving estimate includes costs of packing, you can later decide you don’t want packing services.

If you decide to use our moving services, then we will draw up a formal contract. The price in the contract will be the same as the one listed in the moving estimate (no hidden fees ever!). Contracts are binding, so please check your dates and times before signing the contract. Also please book your moving dates as soon as possible. Moving services can book up quickly in peak months and we might not be able to give you the date you want, even if it was listed in the initial estimate if you wait too long.

Ready to get started with your free moving estimate? Give us a call or use the online form to contact us today.

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